Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. I've been tattooing since 2006. I've been lucky enough to have tattooed across the country, alongside some really great artists. I feel my work has been influenced stylistically from this, and the way I approach my work today. My style would best be described as animated, graphic illustrative bold and colourful. I try not to restrain myself to any subject matter in  particular, with creative freedom and trust from my clients I work towards coming up with a design we're both happy with.
         After spending time working in various shops over my career and having the opportunity to have learned from my experiences and travels the opportunity came to open up a shop alongside Tom Penny and Sherlane White. Hamilton being our hometown we decided it was the place to open and give back to the city where we started our careers. Grey Harbour Tattoo opened its doors April 1st 2015 creating a friendly and welcoming environment for all of our clients for bookings please refer to my contact section. 

Grey Harbour Tattoo

161 James St. N second floor (yellow door)


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